About √ącole Westlock Elementary School

Our Motto:

"Turning Today's Challenges into Tomorrow's Achievements"

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to teach and learn together in a positive environment that encourages the continuous development of the whole individual and allows for differences in potential, growth, methods, and results. Our mission includes our vision of what we may become-given full knowledge, wisdom, and resources.

We believe that all students, through support and opportunity, can learn.

Value Statements:

  • We believe it takes the whole community, actively working together to build a strong and nurturing environment.
  • We believe that honesty and trust in relationships supports learning.
  • We believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We believe that family and a sense of belonging is the foundation for learning.

Vision Statements:

  • As a staff we commit to working together in a professional, supportive and unified manner to promote a nurturing learning environment.
  • At WES we offer programs and supports that allow students to achieve their potential.
  • We will have high expectations for growth... Social~Physical~Intellectual~Cultural~Emotional~Spiritual
  • We commit to the use of best practices of teaching through ongoing professional development, collaboration with colleagues and parents to meet the academic needs of all students.
  • Together in a supportive partnership we encourage ongoing, honest communication to move toward shared goals for our students.