What is the procedure if my child is on medication?

If a student must receive medication, prescribed by a medical practitioner, during school day or during an extra curricular school-sponsored activity, and the parents are unable to be at school to administer the medication, only the principal, or the principal's designee(s) shall administer the medication. A Medication Form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian.

Do students receive regular swim-lessons?

Grades 2 and 4 participate in our school's swim-lesson program. Combined grade classes participate as a whole class. There is a small fee to students for the six 1-hour lessons. All classes participate in "fun-swims" throughout the year.

Does your school provide school supplies for children?

Our school has our own in-house school supply store. Most supplies required by students are able to be purchased at the school store any day of the week at a normal fee. Supplies are sold at wholesale cost to the students. For grades 1-4 a flat fee is collected by the classroom teachers for all the student's supplies for the year. The teacher will provide the students in these grade with all the supplies they need throughout the year. Grade 5-6 students can purchase their supplies directly from the school store.

What is the procedure when our child is sick and has to stay home?

We urge parents to call the school office whenever their child is going to be away from school and inform us. If no one has contacted the school office by 9:15 am, the school secretary will do her best to contact the parents.

Is there a school dress code?

In order to encourage a school atmosphere supportive of learning, students are required to dress accordingly. Students are asked to consider cleanliness, neatness, and good health as well as appropriateness for the activities of the school day and to consideration for others when choosing their clothes. It is expected, therefore, that bodies will be covered and inappropriate items not be displayed. Examples would include profanity, obscene gestures, offensive ethnic values, and promotion of illegal goods. In these cases students will be asked to change into appropriate attire or cover those items considered inappropriate.

Student footwear should be chosen based on comfort of movement as well as consideration of safety when walking outdoors.