Fox’s Treats


For those of you that are new, every week we will be selling a selection of chocolate bars and various candies for $2.00 as a way to fund-raise for our Grade 6 Outdoor Ed. program.
At the beginning of the week, an order form will be placed in your classroom teacher’s mailbox which outlines all of the available options. All items will be sold on a pre-order basis, with orders due the second last day of the week. For example, if Friday is the last day of the week, orders will be due after announcements on Thursday. If Thursday is the last day, orders will be due on Wednesday, etc…. Late orders will not be accepted.

We are also offering a $20 prepaid Foxes Treats punch cards!

Foxes treats cost $2 each.  Must be pre-ordered

Each week there are a variety of choices.  Teachers should be letting your child know what the choices are.