Div 2 – Science

Grade 4

Science-Wheels and Levers

Simple Machines for KidsSix Simple Machines
Pulley videoPulleys-Explain that Stuff
Pulleys-WatchKnowLearnSimple Machines Game
How Does a Door Knob Work?Simple Machines for Kids
Pulley Video-Mechanical Advantage

Science-Lights and Shadows

Shadowbox TheatreAnatomy of the Eye
How your eyes workWhy leaves change colour
How are rainbows madeMirror Game
Mirror and ImagesExploring the Science of Light
Refraction of LightOptical Illusions
Optical IllusionsShadows throughout the Day
Measuring with Shadows

Science-Building Things that Move

Catapult-YouTubeMini Cross Bow-YouTube
Balloon Powered Car-YouTubeBalloon Powered Car 2-YouTube
Balloon Rocket-YouTubeRubber band Airplane-YouTube
Paper Rocket LauncherRubber Band Car-YouTube

Science-Waste in our World

Recycle CityPlanet Pals
Alberta RecyclingEarth Day
Shrink your TrashWaste Water
Swan Nesting-YouTube


Biology of PlantsThe Great Plant Escape
Plant Parts QuizFlower Parts
Pollination-YouTubeParts of a Plant-You Tube
Seed Germination-YouTubeSeed Dispersal
PhotosynthesisPhotosynthesis Video


Grade 5


CircuitsElectricity Activities


Ways to Predict the WeatherWunderground Weather-Westlock
Environment Canada WeatherWeather Map Symbols
Weather ActivitiesCanadian Weather Office
Weather Wiz Kids


Hinterland WetlandsFood Chain Video
What's Eating You-YouTubeWetlands in Canada


Grade 6


What Makes an Airplane FlyDesign Your Own Airplane


Bird FlightWonderville Airborne Experiment
The Thrill of Flight

Science-Sky Science

Solar System TestQuiz-Sun, Earth and Moon
Welcome to the PlanetsNASA Kids